3rd International RestCycling Art Festival


call for artists


Dear artists,


The 3rd international RestCycling Art (RCA) Festival will be held on the 12th and 13th of June 2004 in Berlin. This year we have agreed to set a particular theme to the festival, which should serve as focal point of the creative production.


Around 50 international artists will be working in disciplines including painting, sculpture, installation, design, fashion, etc., in an open studio set up, and publicly demonstrate their creation of art, craft, and fashion objects using materials from society’s trash.


            The theme to this year's festival will be "100% cre-ACTIVE":  This relates to described qualities of commercial products (e.g. 100% pure wool, 100% efficiency,  100% warantie, etc.). Thus, various works of art reflecting, in one way or another, an untypical or unconventional "100%" ( based on the personal ideas and interpretations of the artist) can be conceived . We would like demonstrate a certain criticism of our consumerist-orientated lifestyles, while engaging into active modes of 'thinking' and 'doing', in order to resist passive and thoughtless habits. 


The festival organisation will provide materials for the artists' work in their live ateliers.


We are also looking for video artists whose work is concerned with the environment, recycling, garbage, the consumer society and nature. We would like to present these videos throughout the event.


The artwork created for the third RCA festival will be presented (if the artist agrees) in an exhibition taking place in July. We are also planing to put out a catalogue documenting the festival.

Is your artwork made from discarded materials? If so, you should contact us!

We can only consider applications with a portfolio (curriculum vitae and material documenting your work) and a written project description, which should be based on the festival theme.

We cannot accept originals and unique pieces. No applications by email!

A jury will decide upon a selection of 50 artists at the beginning of April 2004.

Application deadline: march 31st, 2004               

(date of postage stamp)


Contact: RestCycling Art

Christburgerstrasse 29

10405 Berlin - Germany

fax : 0049.30.24 03 99 23

e-mail: info@restcyclingart.com