3rd International RestCycling Art Festival


June 12th & 13th 2004 in Berlin



Call for Videos


Dear Video-artists,


The RestCycling Art (RCA) Festival deals with the metamorphosis of society’s refuse into contemporary art. About 40 international artists will be working in many different areas including painting, sculpture, installation, new digital media, design, fashion, performance, music, photography. In addition, discussions (on environmental topics), workshops, video projections, live music, performance, theatre & a children's program will be taking place.


For this festival, we are looking for videos dealing with

issues such as

nature & natural living spaces, the consumer society, urbanism, industrial deserts, the environment, garbage & recycling.


We hope to present a vast spectrum of perspectives on these topics. The artists should try and integrate their own cultural and geographical background into the issue they are basing their video on.


The videos will be projected throughout the event.


Video-artists do not have to attend the festival in person. Their name and submitted work will be published in the festival-program.

Video-submissions should be sent to us with a short content-summary (concept/date of production) along with a brief artist-biography and the filled out submission coupon.

For the selection we need a VHS-copy (except US & Canada). As soon as the festival-organisation will have selected the videos, we will notify you per email.

Submission deadline: April 26th, 2004 (date of postage stamp)



RestCycling Art

Christburgerstrasse 29

10405 Berlin - Germany

fax : 0049.30.24 03 99 23

e-mail: info@restcyclingart.com