International art at low prices

The artists work in many different areas including painting, sculpture, installation, new digital media, design, fashion, performance, music, photography and video, but what connects them all is the material they are working with: refuse.
Creating paintings from discarded doors designer-bags from old tetrapak-packages, to making music on instruments from recycled materials. …If any of the items created takes your fancy, you'll have the opportunity to buy it:No piece should be priced above 200 €.

Artwork from the festival can subsequently be viewed at the RCA exhibit.

Take a look and join in!

You can also get involved yourself and create your own Art by participating in one of the various workshops. There will also be a stage-program featuring fashion-shows, performances, and live music throughout the weekend, culminating in a long party night of celebration.

Why do we bother?

We live in a throw-away society: The existence of most products is much too short: bought, consumed and discarded. RestCycling Art regards trash as a valuable resource. Thus, we want to deal with the issue of recycling in an entirely playful way, without any moralist claims.
Art alone cannot solve the problems of the waste generated by consumerism - but it can be thought-provoking, while opening new perspectives. In our opinion, that is already a step into the right direction; to act accordingly would (subsequently) be the next…